Visualization of 3D array of vectors

An interactive application allows you to visualize a 3-dimensional field of vectors. Example use is for visualization of astronomical data.

Device for LCD brightness control

Allows users to easily adjust brightness of an LCD wall

LCD wall touch control

C++ library enabling the control of NEC LCDs. Touch control for LCD wall.

Camera array stitching

A module for real time video stitching from multiple cameras for panoramic and large resolution live video.

Children Usability Lab

Research project using SAGE environment to observe child behaviour by teachers and psychologists.

Sketchfab Viewer

Sketchfab 3D model viewer for SAGE2 wall

Deep Viewer

Gigapixel image viewer for SAGE2 wall

SAGE2 mobile control

Allows to use and control SAGE2 environment from mobile devices

SAGE2 gesture control

Software for gesture based control of SAGE2 environment with Kinect 2

SAGE for Gentoo Linux

SAGE software repository for the Gentoo Linux distribution

SAGE Capture (SAC)

The SAC software can be used to record and playback applications running on the SAGE wall.